Classes To-Go

If there are no online classes that match your time, don’t worry you can still practice with us! Our Classes To-Go are pre-recorded sessions that you can watch and speak along with us anywhere, anytime. Don’t be shy to practice in your own room with our videos, well, you won’t have to be shy because you’re the only one hearing yourself practice! What better way to improve your skills than to practice the things you learnt? Let’s get practicing!

Level 1 beginner

Episode 1: Greetings & Introduction

Learn how to say Hi and ask “How are you?” in many different ways! Want to introduce yourself to someone? Try saying this in the episode of Greetings & Introduction

Episode 2: Foods & Drinks

Hey! Are you a foodie? Let’s discover vocabulary about food, drinks, desserts and some international food with us!

Episode 3: Ordering Food & Vegan Food

Still hesitant when ordering your food? Understand restaurant phrases and get updates on the rising vegan food trend!

Episode 4: Talking about Your Favorite Things

What’s your favorite animal? Do you like sunny days or rainy days?

Episode 5: Hobbies, Classes and Jobs

Find out 8 hobbies that make you better at your job!

Level 2 intermediate

Episode 1: Learning English with Sasha Sloan: Older

Listen to the most relatable song and see what's the meaning behind the lyrics. Expand your vocabulary and learn new grammar rules!

Episode 2: Learn English with Taylor Swift: Last Christmas

Find out the true meaning behind this legendary song.

Episode 3: Learn English with Friends

Enjoy the most iconic scene from all-time favorite TV series. Learn about how Americans deliver some great puns and comedy!

Level 3 Advanced

Episode 1: Express Yourself 101; Why are we afraid to express opinions & How to overcome it

Is the fear of sharing opinions a universal fear? Is it because you are a collectivist or an individualist? Find out with us in this episode of Express Yourself 101!

Episode 2: Goal 5 Gender Equality: Learn English with Emma Watson

Build your feminism vocabulary with Emma Watson’s speech on HeforShe with the United Nations

Episode 3: Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production: Zero-waste

Have you ever heard of the circular economy? Explore how businesses evolve around this concept!

Episode 4: Goal 3 Good Health and Well-being: Herd Immunity

What is Herd Immunity? Is it the best way to stop the spread of COVID? Why is the UK considering this policy? Is it humane to do so?

Episode 5: Goal 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions: Learn English with BTS' UN Speech on #BTSLoveYourself #EndViolence

Why self-love is important to us all? Let's see what Namjoon said about self-love. Stop the violence towards ourselves and others and embrace who truly we are :)

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