Question and Answer

How do I study with Speaking Hub?


Watch our introduction video here!

How do I use Google Meets for the online class ?

Which level should I start at ?

Take our quiz to find your level!

How do I join a class ?

  1. Register through Speaking Hub teacher representative of each school  (message us to find out who is your teacher representative)

  2. Take the quiz to find your level

  3. Book a class announced in our Line Group

  4. Check your email and join your classroom space.

  5. Let's practice!

How many classes can I join per week ?

You can join 1 course at a time. Each course has one class per week and is 4 weeks long. After you finish the course, you can join the next one.

What times are courses offered?

We provide courses on weekdays after school time and on weekends! With over 50 classes per week on different times, we'll surely find a class for you!

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