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How do I use this website ?


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How do I use Zoom, the app for the online class ?

Which level should I start at ?

How do I join a class ?

  1. Book a class by joining our Facebook group

  2. Have Zoom video call application on your phone

  3. Open your email for the link to join the call

  4. Click the link to join the call on class time

    • Remember to join class on time because teachers will check attendance in the first 5 minutes of class!

    • When you join the call, please make sure your microphone is muted until the teacher asks you to speak.

Do my classmates or teacher see my face when we’re in class ?

No, the class will only get to see the teacher of the class. They will get to hear your voice and see your nickname, but not see your face. Saves you the trouble of dressing up a class on a Sunday morning, doesn’t it?

How many classes can I join per week ?

You can join 1 class each week and 1 course per term.

What if the class I like is full ?

If classes are full, you can join the waiting list for that class. You can also get notifications when next week classes are available for booking in the Facebook group.

How to cancel my booking?

  • Can’t make it to class? No worries, you can cancel at least 24 hours before class time
    • If you do not cancel and do not attend your class, you be marked absent.

    • If you get 2 absences in the week, you would not be allowed to book a class for this term. You can book again in the next term. So try to attend or cancel your classes before class time.

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