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The English Teacher Online Workshop is a 10-week long online training course made for teachers who teach English as a second language. With the training course they are able to practice their English skills, learn new teaching techniques and receive training resources. 


With the training course, we hope that teachers are able to transform their English classes into a more fun, interactive, and warm experience for their students. Additionally, we desire to achieve a community of English teachers who are willing to better themselves for the students. By creating such a classroom, we hope to promote a love of learning English within the students. We target to benefit English Teachers of Grade 1-12 in low income schools from the rural areas. 


The project’s objective is to help teachers create a fun, interactive, warm and inviting way to learn English. By creating such a classroom, we hope to promote a love of learning English for the students.



The 10 week course is composed of 2 main activities; lecture videos and weekly live group training sessions. In the lectures, we were joined by esteemed guest speakers, such as Dr. Alexander Nanni, an English professor at Mahidol University, who gave a lecture on how to better explain instructions and concepts to students, and Dr. Marie-Héléne Thomas, Head of Program of Teach for Thailand, who introduced the idea of think-pair-share that encourages the students to learn from each other. All of our respected guest speakers are educators or professors from acknowledged organizations and institutions such as Mahidol University, Chulalongkorn University, Teach for Thailand, Saturday School, and many more. 


The lecture videos help explain and clarify topics of the week, it includes a powerpoint presentation and guest speakers. The videos push to stimulate conversation and questions about the topic, so that when the teachers have interactive group training sessions with our facilitators they are able to grasp the different types of concepts that will be discussed. In the weekly group practices, teachers get to discuss ideas, practice their teaching skills, and receive feedback from their peers and the facilitators. They get to connect with peers struggling with the same issues and learn new perspectives and recommendations. With our two activities, teachers have different types of materials to learn from and also the opportunity to question, challenge, and be inspired with the practice sessions.


We were joined by experts and professors in guiding English teachers to create engaging lessons.​

  • Affective Filter, Ice-breaking and Diffuse mode Teaching by Dr. Anjana Warren (MUIC, Mahidol University) 

  • Instruction and Concept Checking Questions by Dr. Alexander Nanni (MUIC, Mahidol University) 

  • Immersive English by Dr. Lowell Skar (BALAC Program, Chulalongkorn University)

  • Activity-Based Learning and Encouraging Speeches by Ms. Ruth Whitehouse (Chulalongkorn University)

  • Thinking-Pair-Share by Dr. Marie-Héléne Thomas (Teach for Thailand) 

  • English Matters by Mr. Sorawit Paiboonrattanakorn (Saturday School) 

  • Critical Thinking by Dr. Katina Grigoraskos (IB CAS and TOK teacher, Wells International School) 



We were joined by 40 local English teachers from all around Thailand. With positive feedback on the curriculum and the staff, Speaking Hub hopes to improve the English Teacher Online Workshop by implementing the feedback of the teachers and the facilitators of the program. Participants commented that they had drastically improved themselves, and were willing to continue to participate in projects like these. They were immensely appreciative of the effort and commitment it took for the organizational team into developing the teachers' skills.

Here are our ratings from the teachers that participated in our program:

  • Overall Content: 4.5 / 5

  • Applicability of the materials taught: 4.33 / 5

  • Usefulness of the facilitated group practice session: 4.5 / 5

  • Overall structure of the workshop: 4.67 / 5

  • 100% of the participants said that they would recommend our training project to their colleagues and peers

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