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Since our first course in June 2020, we have empowered students from across the country in learning with Speaking Hub. We aspire to welcome many more into our community for learning.

Academic Year 2020-2021







Academic Year 2021-2022 (ongoing)


(count ongoing)





Student Outreach


These are the provinces we have reached and schools that we partnered with this year. We hope to expand to reach students from all provinces of Thailand.


Kannasut Sueksalai School
Kanchanapisek Wittayalai Suphanburi School
Khaopangkrai School
Kongthong Wittaya School
Khoksiwittayasan School
Chakkamkhanathorn School
Chiangkhongwittayakom School
Sopisaipittayakhom School
Dongmafaipittayakom School
Daris Salamwittaya School
Darussalam School
Taongoipattanasuksa School
Saimoonwittaya School
Thongphaphomwittaya School
Thayangwittaya School
Thungsaliamchanupatham School
Nakhon Sawan School
Banmuangpitthayakhom School
Bansribunruang School

Prachak Silapakarn School
​Plaengyaopittayakom School
Pibulwitthayalai School
Mattayompaklang School
Matthayom Sangkeet Witthaya School
Ban Mae Tho School
Romklao Narathiwat School
Worakhunupathum school
Sriwilaiwittaya School
Srisawatwittayakarn School
Sanom Witthayakan School
Samutsakhonwittayalai School
Suanpraya School
Samngaowittayakhom School
Surawiwat School
Surinpakdee School
Nongsoongsamukkeewittaya School
Laemratbamrung School
Uthong School



Based on student self-evaluation and program feedback form,

  • 100% says the content is applicable and usable in real life contexts

  • 100% thinks that their English speaking has improved since they have joined Speaking Hub


According to the volunteer teachers’ evaluation of their students,

  • 74% of students showed more comfortability and confidence in speaking English 


According to the students’ English teachers at their schools, students showed a high improvement in their performances in the English subject with an average of 4.14 / 5 points.* 

* Note: criteria for 5 points as most substantial improvements and 1 point as no improvement from learning with our program


In 2021, we launched our Speaking Hub Scholarship Program to enable students from lower socio-economic backgrounds to study with us. By providing financial assistance for mobile Internet expenses, we are able to create further opportunities for low income students to study with us online. This program is aimed to create greater opportunities for needy students who do not have access to the Internet.

Academic Year 2021-2022 (ongoing)




1 อนณ.JPG

Anon Jankaew

Hi everyone I’m CNon. I took a course with Speaking Hub and it was such a great experience. The teachers were friendly, outgoing and open-minded. I learned a lot from them. Thank you so much for this great opportunity. I am highly grateful for everything the teachers at Speaking Hub have given me. 

Anon Jankaew (Cnon)

Grade 11 Laem Ratbamrung School

2 นัฐธิดา.JPG

Nattida Srichana

English isn’t as hard as you think it is if we put effort into it. Learning is very fun, teachers are friendly and nice, I get to practice English writing, speaking, and listening skills. Speaking Hub makes me more confident in speaking.

Nattida Srichana (Cream)

Grade 11 Dong Mafai Phitthayakhom School

3 กิ่งดาว.JPG

Kingdao Inpa

I’m very happy that I get to learn with Speaking Hub. For me, Speaking Hub is a "learning zone" because it is the zone where you can learn English and exchange ideas on different issues such as environmental issues, as well as learning new things about one another.

Kingdao Inpa (Dao)

Grade 12 Pa Klang High School

4 ชนิกานต์.JPG

Chanikan Somda

7 สิรินทรา.JPG

Sirinthra Promsena

5 วีริศรา.JPG

Weeritsara Bunsri

6 จิรัชยา.JPG

Cirachya Sriphi

[Speaking Hub is] a program that gives opportunities to people who are not confident in English to learn English, gain self-confidence, and find that English is not that difficult after all.

- Chanikan Somda (Toey)

Grade 9 Dong Mafai Phitthayakhom School

Learning here is fun, the teachers are friendly, and I got to learn new words and sentences as well as meeting new friends. I dream to speak English (more fluently with Speaking Hub.)

- Weeritsara Bunsri (Pang)

Grade 11 Kongthongwitaya School

Speaking Hub program gives me the courage that encourages me to speak more English.

- Cirachya Sriphi (Mint)

Grade 10 Dong Mafai Phitthayakhom School

I love learning through the courses at Speaking Hub. The teachers are highly engaging and friendly and they have great tips to help me improve my English skills. If I have any questions, they always encourage me to ask. After finishing the course I feel like I've been given a chance to extend my vocabulary. I’d just love to thank everyone at Speaking Hub. I love Speaking​ Hub​ 💚.

- Sirinthra Promsena (Kat)

Grade 12 Dontanwittaya School

8 ณัฐวรรณ.JPG

Nutthawan Hunsamat

Learning with the teachers at Speaking Hub is fun and engaging. You are taught new concepts and ideas in a friendly, open-minded atmosphere. It’s like you’re not only there to learn but there to make new friends. 

- Nutthawan Hunsamat (Noon)

Grade 10 Khoksiwittayasan School

9 ณัชชา.JPG

Natcha Sueasaming

Study with Speaking Hub to improve your English skills! Our classes are taught by experienced volunteer teachers from all over the world; they’re not only lovely but also super friendly and can give you lots of tips & tricks.

- Natcha Sueasaming (i-na)

Grade 11 Darissalam Witthaya School

10 ปวริศร.JPG

Pawarisorn Phet-tom

My English language skills have greatly improved all thanks to Speaking Hub. Speaking Hub is truly a friend that helps you muster up the courage. Being there to talk and help you improve your skills without having to worry that you’ll mess up the grammar or have bad pronunciation. All that matters is that I’m having fun and am willing to give English a try. What I’m saying now, the people at Speaking Hub aren’t paying me to do this but I’m out here saying this because I guarantee that you will not be disappointed because this program is free for all and will surely help you improve your English language skills.I hope that you too will gain confidence and improve upon your English language skills just like I have with Speaking Hub. Good luck. 💗💗💗 

- Pawarisorn Phet-tom (Ait)

Grade 12 Kongthongwitaya School

11 ขวัญจิตร์.JPG

Khwanjit Somjedee

Having given this a try proved to be highly beneficial. It’s like we were given a chance to brush up on the basics as well as learning new concepts from highly capable and kind teachers. 

- Khwanjit Somjedee (Pleng)

Grade 12 U-Thong School

13 สุคนธา.JPG

Sukhontha Innasathit

Studying with Speaking Hub shows me how important and meaningful this project is. Speaking Hubs gives me the opportunity to study English for free and to use my free time wisely, studying and improving my language skills. This also encourages me to be more open and talk to people I’ve never known before (such as classmates and the volunteer teacher.) The teacher also puts extra effort into teaching and is very attentive to all of us.


- Sukhontha Innasathit (Eark)

Grade 12 Thongphaphomwittaya School


Scholarship Program
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