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We have welcomed volunteers from diverse backgrounds and countries to contribute into making a better community. Our Volunteers range from undergraduate  students to full time working individuals and more. Our volunteers are provided with training, assessments, and class observations to enable them to create an engaging and warm learning environment in their classes. Volunteers are given the curriculum and content material to teach in their classes. We have evaluations and observations to ensure the quality of student’s experiences.

Academic Year 2020-2021

Academic Year 2021-2022





"Volunteering at Speaking Hub has been an amazing experience, and has also helped me gain more confidence in teaching larger groups of students. I’ve tutored students privately in the past, but this is something new that I’ve never tried before. I enjoy helping the students out, and learning more about how I can improve myself as a teacher as well. I hope the students enjoyed learning English!"

- Alisa Orajarvi (Bangkok)

Nattaphol Nirutnapaphan.jpg

Nattaphol Nirutnapaphan

Chanya Temkampol.jpg

Chanya Temkampol

Hansa Kraikosol .jpg

Hansa Kraikosol

"Speaking Hub makes me realize that we all can make a difference and a bigger impact to the society we live in."

- Chanya Temkampol (Bangkok, Thailand)

"In 2020, I found that remote working offered me the time I had always wanted for volunteering. But while I had the time, most in-person volunteer programs were put on hold. Speaking Hub offered me the opportunity to share knowledge and connect with the younger generation, who constantly inspires me. I hope to continue my volunteer journey with Speaking Hub and that Speaking Hub continues on its mission to provide English education to students in Thailand."

- Hansa Kraikosol (Bangkok, Thailand)

"Speaking Hub is a great platform to learn English in this day and age where digitalization has become an evermore prevalent factor. This community is full of resourceful yet humble and good-minded individuals. The students are highly enthusiastic and go to great lengths to understand English. You will never be disappointed."

- Nattaphol Nirutnapaphan (Bangkok, Thailand)


Natthida Luthra

"Giving back to society is one of the best things you can do, and with Speaking Hub, I got the opportunity to teach the children to develop their English, and provide them with better opportunities."

- Natthida Luthra (Bangkok, Thailand)

Peerawith Meeboon.jpg

Peerawith Meeboon

"Working with Speaking Hub is not just about teaching English to the young generations. It is rather an attempt to create and make a change in the long run, by providing the future change makers with English skills, social awareness, and inspirations to do so. I, as a Volunteer Teacher myself, also become more socially aware as I encountered students with different backgrounds and unequal opportunities."

- Peerawith Meeboon (Bangkok, Thailand)

Phanthira Jintaviriyasakul.jpg

Phanthira Jintaviriyasakul

"Being a volunteer teacher with Speaking Hub is heart-warming, especially when I meet students in the class. As a member of the society who is privileged, I felt fulfilled when I have a chance to give back to the society, especially English speaking skills which could enhance students’ confidence and could open doors to more opportunity for them. "

- Phanthira Jintaviriyasakul (Bangkok, Thailand)

Zachari Venis.jpg

Zachari Venis

"Working with Speaking Hub has been an absolutely unforgettable experience. I believe that I have managed to help many students improve their English skills with these lessons, which will allow them to achieve great things in the future! Throughout these lessons not only do you learn to teach efficiently, but you grow as a person. If you are a motivated person and want to make a difference in the lives of students, then becoming a volunteer teacher with Speaking Hub is for you."

- Zachari Venis (British Citizen living in Rome, Italy)


Alisa Orajarvi.jpg

Alisa Orajarvi

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